Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ready When You Are!

Happy Sunday babe!

Just checking in at this 37.5th week of your gestation. You are officially 'full-term' meaning that everything that should be in place in your little body is in place, your central and nervous systems and lungs are developed (well, as much as they can be at this stage!). Your focus for the remainder of your time in utero is to gain weight and get nice and strong for the arduous journey in this world. You are so large now that your once 'cute' kicks have been replaced by you heaving yourself from side to side with enough force that I often lose my breath or am stopped in my tracks if I am in transit. Your movements are easily visible, even through clothing. Your father and I's new pasttime is to stare at my enormous unclothed belly, and watch as you shift and stretch your arms, legs and bum trying to get comfortable. I wish I could slip you a pillow in there but my organs (especially my bladder it seems) will have to suffice for now. My belly is more angular now than round and I am lopsided, favouring whichever side you have decided to shift your bum to for the short-term. Your dad will often lean in and talk to you, this seems to really excite you and gets you kicking up a storm making me realize that soon you two will be able to plot against me in person - I am grateful that I have the unending adoration of your fur-brother Tucker. Well, until you arrive at which time your dad and I will likely take the back seat. We are not sure who Skye's favourite person is, if she could count her foodbowl as a person (which she likely does) I guess that would be who.

I continue to feel great, exhausted and moody (ask your dad), but great. This still-increasing belly (How I ask you? How?!?) has made it difficult for me to get out of bed, roll over, get in the Jeep, get out of the Jeep, put on shoes, pick up anything that I have dropped, walk for more than 2 mins without becoming excessively winded, walk through small aisles, see my feet and other daily activities BUT I still feel like a million bucks. Your dad, uncles and your Pa have helped fill in the blanks. Just yesterday your Uncles Joe and Anthony came over for the sole purpose of vacuuming and scrubbing out the tub (if I got in there to scrub, I would not have made it out and though a story of your birth in a tub would have been interesting media-fodder it was not on my to-do list). Okay, maybe I don't feel like a MILLION bucks but definitely a hundred-thousand bucks - still better than the alternative. In pregnancy books and even on the pregnancy boards that I check out, there are a lot of women in my situation that are absolutely desperate to get their pregnancies over with, a feeling that I don't share. We are very eager to meet you but not at the expense of this precious time that you and I are sharing. Soon you will move from inside me to the outside world and I will no longer feel your kicks, movements, hiccups ... I won't need to daydream about who you will look like because we will watch the transformation first-hand. Absolutely amazing and compelling, but I will miss being pregnant nonetheless.

Well munchkin, in just a few short weeks your mum went from a nervous, panicked pregnant woman shrieking at her husband and crying because of all that she felt still needed to be done to now feeling completely serene and ready for your arrival. Needless to say, your dad is happy about this transformation but he was also the one doing most of the work to bring it about. Your room is now completely done (pics above!), your wee clothes are washed and put away, the bassinet and playpen are up, the stroller is ready, my/your hospital bag is set and just today your Uncle Marc and your dad put the car seat in my Jeep. All that is left is for your mum to finish her very-late thank you cards and get her garden weeded. I know that you won't know or care that the garden is in disarray but it is bugging me nonetheless. Your Aunt Liz is coming this weekend so if you haven't made your arrival my plan is to ply her with enough booze that she is easily convinced that weeding on her August long weekend holiday is a fabulous idea. It shouldn't be too hard :) When it is her time, I will do the same. Maybe. I'll definitely drink the booze though. Mmmmm ... booze. I am so looking forward to a nice glass of wine after your arrival. This weekend I was strong enough to be the designated driver to several wineries so that your Aunt Kelly and Uncle Marc could taste test from the small but fabulous wineries that are prevalent in this area. I did get some strange looks as I walked through the door but once people were satisfied that I was going to ask for nothing more than a glass of water and some breadsticks the staring subsided. I have been thinking hard about what wine I will enjoy as my first in 9 mos but haven't decided. Yes, 'thinking hard' is not a lie. No, I do not have a problem. I swear!

Good news, your future wife was born last week! Alexis Jane Smith the perfect and beautiful daughter of our friends Keri-Lyn and Brian came screaming into this world last Friday. Isn't it much easier knowing that your mate has been chosen for you? We think so. Given her genetics, Alexis will be tall, athletic, brilliant and absolutely gorgeous ... so don't screw it up. I am thinking about wearing light blue or pink to the wedding ... thank goodness I have at least 25 years to get this weight off.

Well babe, I am going to get something to eat (leftovers from an amazing meal prepared by your Uncle Marc last night), get my jammies on, wait for Big Brother to start (my guilty pleasure ... okay, one of many) and then rest up for the week. This is my last week at work so I need to finish getting organized so that my colleague can walk in and take over my great team seamlessly.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!



Thursday, July 9, 2009

35 weeks, 30lbs, 3 baby showers and a 36th Birthday later ...

Good Morning Sean!

As you can tell by the title it has been one busy month at the Thorup household! As you can imagine, I am EXHAUSTED and my focus most days is staying awake past 3 pm (don't tell my boss!). I am now 35 weeks along which means that if my fingers were remaining weeks until the end of the pregnancy, there is only ONE HAND LEFT! EEEEEEK!!! Yes, this is how I have been counting the passing time, via fingers ... I did tell you I was a bit quirky didn't I? Just a bit.

Where to begin?!? Well, as of yesterday I have gained 30lbs on the nose. The nurse actually said 'that is really good!' so I don't feel too horrible about my girth. At this stage the books indicate that weight gain slows or stops completely (some women even lose weight at the end!) so I shouldn't see a large jump before you make your appearance. There was a 'certain number' that I didn't want to surpass (don't even think about asking me what it is, cheeky!) and it looks like I will not surpass it - woo hoo! I celebrated this news with a McDonald's milkshake of course. Hey, you need calcium right now bud - I'm doing it all for you!

Although I am in the healthy range for weight gain during pregnancy - my stomach is large. Very large. Very very large. To the point where I am getting a lot of comments from customers and random strangers. To the point that I will pass a glass door or office, glance over and actually watch my own jaw drop as I realize that the ginormous pregnant woman I am gawking at is me. One lesson I will teach you very early on my dearest son is to never, ever make assumptive comments based on the size of a pregnant woman. Saying things like 'WOW! You must be ready to pop at any moment!' or 'Was that baby due yesterday?!?' or 'You're sure you are not having twins?!?' only make an otherwise happy and well-adjusted pregnant woman feel a bad about herself. I am able to laugh at myself (and have to do so often given my moronic tendencies) but 5 comments such as the above within an hours span, certainly tests my jovial nature.

I have acquired stretch marks on my tummy and am gutted about them. Since conception I have been lotioning and oiling up like I was heading into the Mrs. Universe competition but alas, the little buggers still made their streaky appearance. They are genetic and although your Gram was very fit and tiny she still reminded me regularly that she still had stretch marks from my own appearance into this world. I will do the same to you. Anytime you take your mum for granted I will remind you that the comfy, healthy environment I created for you ravaged my good looks. Talk about a guilt trip! The lesson is this - don't take your mum for granted!

Your dad turned 36 yesterday! We celebrated with steak with your uncles and basically when dinner was over I immediately had to lay down. I am a one-woman party. I am much much younger than your dad (well okay, only 4 years but younger nonetheless) and take great pride in reminding him of this. Your dad, however, still could pass for his twenties. He doesn't stress himself out about too much and this shows in his lack of wrinkles. I, however, stress about many things and would be lucky to pass for 38 at this stage.

Thanks to your uncles and Pa, your room is basically done and it looks FANTASTIC! I will post pics when we get the last of the pieces in place. Your uncles came over one night to help paint and then your Pa spent hours over here putting up wainscott, trim, your cute Jeep border, helping to paint AND putting up the crib that he purchased for you. You are one lucky little guy so have so many people devoted to creating a fun, comforting space for you to lay your tiny head. This is one less thing for your mom to stress about (and nag your dad about) ... now onto the bassinet and playpen ....

Your Granny threw a baby shower for me (you!) on a gorgeous summer Saturday and OHMYGOD did you get spoiled! I can't even recount every wonderful thing that you received; clothes, a high chair, rocking horse, knitted clothes and blankets, toys, books, an exersaucer, bouncer ... and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Your Granny's shower was for family and friends and the generosity (especially from some of the people I only met that day!) was so humbling. You have no idea little man, of how much love is surrounding you and what you will experience when you come out. I smile when I think that you are in your cushy, wet environment, flopping around and perhaps sucking your thumb oblivious to all of the anticipation of your arrival.

Well muchkin, I am signing off for now as I have to head into work but I will definitely be updating every few days from now on as your appearance is getting closer.

Love you lots,