Sunday, June 14, 2009

A belly, a boy, gifts and such.

Hey bud - it's dad here. I know, I know, I haven't stopped in to add to your little novela lately but that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about you or love you any less. Quite the opposite, actually. Your parents' lives are consumed with love and your much anticipated pending arrival (longest. pregnancy. ever.). I'm pretty sure your faithful followers feel you should be about 9 years old by now. I'll try to catch up on a few things for you here.
Your beautiful mum and I will be married 7 years tomorrow (7 is the 'card' gift year) and the only 'itch' is my back that constantly yearns for a good scratching. We're on our 3rd home together, 4th place as a married couple, and I have now come to realize that this lovely home we now share is no longer ours - it is yours. Yep, you're still in your mum's belly but the house is beginning to fill up with your things. Many of your things have been gifted with love by the very many folks that can't wait for you to get into this crazy world. You'll quickly learn that friends, family and love make the world go 'round. Your mum has also picked up a few things for you and, yep, so has your dear old dad. I popped into the shop on the way home from work the other day to grab some sundry items and immediately felt compelled to get you a couple more things to add to what I've already picked up for you. You now have yet another toy Jeep (mum says I have to put up a shelf in your room now), this really cool motorboat for the tub (it'll stay in the package til you're old enough for the tub) and your very first Team Canada hockey jersey. I figure next year you can wear it while we watch the World Juniors together.
We've been pretty busy lately going here and there for showers, family reunions, trips to Granny's and stop-ins to the cottage (you won't be going next year - Granny's gonna watch you while we catch up on old times :-). Your mum has been great and by all accounts you've seemed to enjoy these excursions with us. You're very, very, very active in there. At our last ultrasound we were sooooooo looking forward to getting a good photo of your tiny, growing face to see if you looked like your mum or me. You were as per usual unco-operative and in the only shot we got of you, you didn't look like either of us. You looked like Wilford Brimley. Odd. Maybe it was a playoff 'stash. Oh yeah, Sidney Crosby won his first Cup on Friday night. Your mum wouldn't let you watch...
I took the hard top and doors off your Jeep this weekend and did some booting around. You were loving it. Well, that's what I thought anyways. Your mum said you were wind-swept and napping. Whatever. It's a nice feeling as a soon-to-be dad knowing that someday I get to hand these keys over to you. Unless, of course, you decide you're not a Jeep guy and would prefer a little Honda. I'll still love you but I would be disappointed. And so would your mum. Never, ever, ever disappoint your mum.
So all in all life is good, Sean. You should be outta there in about 8 or 9 weeks (hopefully I never say that to you thru a glass panel on a corded phone). I can't tell you how excited I am Sean. Keep on doing what you're doing in there, keep enjoying the daily ice cream, and start preparing yourself for a lifetime of love and fun with your parents. See you soon, bud.

Love already,
Good morning Sean!

I trust that you slept well though I did feel you kicking at around 4 last night/this morning as I headed for my second bathroom break. Yesterday we had a lot of activity and I am sure that you were as exhausted as I.

My cousin Mark Whitely is working in Michigan for a few weeks off and on during the summer and we were fortunate enough to have him come for a visit yesterday. He left at approximately 9 am, anticipating a 3.5 hour drive. I assumed that we would not see him until 2 or 3 given that he had never driven this route before, did NOT purchase a map and the Red Bull air races were on in Windsor thus effectively blocking the border (so I assumed). Well, at 12:30 on the nose I received a call from Mark who was a mere three blocks away. In my hand was a broom and dustpan, at my feet was a large ball of black-lab hair but more embarrassingly on my body was my pyjamas. I was wearing a pink tee shirt and Care Bear jammie bottoms. When you are over seven months pregnant it is very important that people see you at your best - face fully made up and stomach coralled into fashionable maternity pants (almost an oxymoron). I hadn't seen Mark in a year and I wanted to look fabulous for his arrival. Instead I basically saw him shudder in horror at first glance of his wild-haired, cartoon-jammie wearing, ginormous cousin. His first words were NOT 'well Cuz, you are radiant with the brilliant glow known only by a woman bringing forth life into this world,' instead they were (and I may be paraphrasing here) 'MY GOD YOU ARE HUGE!!' followed by 'I DIDN'T EXPECT YOU TO BE THIS BIG!' I burst out laughing ... on the outside. Kidding munchkin, as you know I have been very forthright in declaring how large I am/am becoming so these comments and the fact that your dad lovingly calls me 'Chunks,' don't bother me in the least. I love my belly and show it to anyone who asks (or even those who don't - ask your Uncle Anthony how many unwanted belly shots he has received as of late). I actually get offended when people don't immediately rush at my belly for a rub when they see me. Cold fish. These warm feelings may someday revert to anguish as I huff and puff on a treadmill for hours at a time trying to get this weight off, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

Anyways ... I eventually got ready and made myself as presentable as possible and your dad, Mark and I went to Leamington for lunch by the Marina and for a tour of your dad's greenhouse. We stopped off at your Gram's grave and Mark placed some lovely flowers which I know she would have enjoyed. Last night we had a bbq with your uncles Ant and Joe and had a quick visit with your aunt Carol while she zoomed off to work in between baseball games. Mark and Steve made plans to go out for a drink (a drink = 10, you will learn this measurement some day) while I daydreamed about my bed. I was shattered. Apparently as my tiredness increased so did my grumpiness (as pointed out by Mark) who declared that he 'had left one crabbit (Scottish for grumpy) woman at home and didn't need another.' So I dropped everyone off at the bar and headed home to tidy and crash. Your dad crawled into bed sometime around 2 smelling like and brewery and had 4 things to say (on a loop - he said each of them approximately 10 times) 1) that Mark Whitely was a great pool player 2) that Mark Whitley was a great dad 3) That they had the BEST chocolate cake at the Legion (approx. 4 pieces each) and 4) That some guy named Larry was a huge jerk. I'll have to find out the Larry story once your dad wakes up but one theme is clear - your dad has a man-crush on my cousin. I was happy that they seemed to have a good time together though I think that there will be some hurting boys in this house today.

Tomorrow your dad and I celebrate 7 years of marriage! I can't believe how fast time has flown and I guess the old adage is true 'time flies when you are having fun!' I pray that someday you will find someone who loves you as much and treats you as well as your dad does me. We've had some blissfully happy times where there was smooth sailing and some tragic and sad times that tested us but we've come through it all stronger and more in love than ever. And now we wait to welcome you and to complete our little family. I really hope that you are like your dad - funny, sensitive, sweet, laid-back, creative - he really balances me out (tendency toward the dramatic, emotional, pragmatic and bossy:). You may not be born into the richest or smartest family but you will be born into a loving family that likes to laugh. I think it evens out in the end.

Well munchkin, I am off to get a shower and get ready for Mass. Yes, you heard correctly - your mum is heading to Church! I will pray that you are safe and healthy and for your dad's soul which is up in the air at this point. (joking!)

Love you lots Sean,

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Large and In Charge!

Hello munchkin!

This post has been a looooong time coming, so long in fact that your faithful followers will feel like they've read War and Peace by the end. They will emerge from their offices bleary-eyed smelling like coffee and sweat, cursing me for having taken so long to catch them up on your (our) happenings. I, myself, have never read War and Peace but rumour has it that it is long. Apparently it has many far-reaching themes such as "the place of the individual in history; youth vs age and death; and the pros and cons of acting in conventional ways." Snooze. What it doesn't cover (unlike our little blog here) is the many pros of gigantic underwear during pregnancy, appropriate locations to take a nap (kitchen at work - no, every car ride no matter how short - yes), heartburn (more on that later) and what it is like to lose sight of ones feet. You tell me which sounds more interesting! Oh, War and Peace you say?!? Well then *huff*.

We had the opportunity to see you two weeks ago during an ultrasound and you were looking fantastic! Apparently you are already head-down in anticipation of your future journey into this world. We got a couple of fuzzy pictures of your face because in the words of the tech 'you weren't cooperating' and thus we couldn't get that perfect profile picture that it seems everyone else has of their baby. Ah well, perhaps you didn't look your best and did not feel like having a picture taken. I can relate. Anyone who has ever taken a picture of me knows better than to take a 'candid.' I need time to fluff my hair and pucker my lips in order to look my best for the shot. From what I can see, though, I think that you will look like your dad (who actually looked Asian when he was born ... ) but we are so excited to find out for sure. I asked the technician how much you weighed and she estimated a whopping 3.3 lbs! AT 29 WEEKS! At this rate you are on your way to being a large baby. I had previously thought that since your dad and I aren't especially large people (me at 5ft1 and your dad at 5ft9) we would have a small dainty doll-like baby. I am now rethinking this and am assuming that you will be a roly poly brute. I had forgotten that your dad was 8lbs9 when he was born. As long as you are healthy and arrive safely I don't care how big you are (P crosses and uncrosses legs at the thought).

This past weekend, your Aunts Liz and Laura threw a baby shower for me (you!) and we had 25 wonderful women celebrating your impending arrival. Your Aunt Carol brought the yummy (albeit a tad creepy) cake and worked her backside off to ensure that the shower ran smoothly. To these three women I am forever indebted. There was so much love in the air it was palpable. The weather was absolutely roasting, the food made by the generous hostesses was AMAZING and there was a ton of laughter. Well munchkin, you got absolutely SPOILED!! You received clothing, bath stuff, receiving blankets, a homeade quilt and fleece blanket, clothing with your name on it (I cry everytime I look at it ... this is the truth), stuffies, books, a bassinet, a playpen, toys .... I can't even mention everything that was received. You are one loved little person. Your dad was especially excited at all of the Jeep branded clothing and gifts that you received (he is Jeep-crazy and so are you by default :) - everyone really went out of their way to celebrate YOU! I got really emotional in thanking everyone (and still am in thinking about it) because I am so grateful and feel so blessed to have so many wonderful women in my life. As you can imagine, I really missed your Gram that day but I could almost see her, perched on a chair with a large glass of never-ending wine, enjoying the wonderful day.

In terms of other happenings ... there is not a lot to tell. I have recently had my first bouts of heartburn. I actually had no idea what I was feeling and instead took it for hunger pangs until I spoke with another woman who had heartburn and thought the same thing. Two tums later, I'm as good as new! I feel kind of silly mistaking heartburn for hunger because heartburn is exactly as it sounds ... a burning sensation near your heart. But as your dad always says to me 'it's a good thing that you're cute.' Because basically I'm a moron. A functioning moron, but one nonetheless. I now have Tums in my purse at all times which is making me feel like a 80 year old woman but I digress. I've also developed a large vericose vein on my left knee and my stomach is getting larger and larger, as is my face. I am sure that this has nothing to do with the three tubs of ice cream in the freezer (of different flavours) - at all. This will not go down as the most attractive period in my life but at least, overall, I feel fantastic and I have purchased some really cute outfits to drape over my rotund frame. I haven't had to move into the mumuu stage. Yet.

I am 31 weeks today munchkin!! We are now in the single-digit countdown for your arrival. I get a bit panicked when I think of everything we have yet left to do, but I also know that it will get done and we have a lot of support to get there. Your Uncle Joe is going to paint the room and your Pa is going to put on the wainscott or something similar, as well as purchase the crib for you (thanks Pa!).

Well babe, I am going to sign off for now. The post did not turn out as long as I had anticipated but I am exhausted so I need to eat and lay down (and not necessarily in that order). I plan to check in more often now that the computer is up and running.

Take care of yourself and keep on kicking - it's comforting and I like that other people can now feel it too.

Love you Sean,