Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good Morning Munchkin!

Your mom has been up for quite some time now, laying in bed thinking of you so I thought I'd get up and write about our/your most recent adventures. Quite honestly, I am not generally a morning-person. I am not grumpy, per se, but neither am I bounding out of bed singing, eager to start the day. It takes me a good hour of slow-motion, a hot shower, food and the spackling on of makeup before I am ready to speak to another human being. Today is different though. I'm abuzz with excitement after having seen you yesterday - but more on that later ...

This weekend your dad and I (and by default, you) went to New York to visit my family there. My mum (your Gram) and John Tonner were first cousins, making John and I second cousins, making his children (Sheila, Tara and Sean) my third cousins. My Nana and Sheila/Tara/Sean's Nana were sisters. (In fact, their Nana was named Bridget!) Confusing, I know. Let's just say that we're cousins and leave it at that. Sheila, Tara and Sean are in their thirties and are just amazing, fun and witty. Apparently we used to visit quite a bit when we were young but unfortunately I have little recollection of that time (I swear that I was born at 13!). Over two years ago (maybe three ...) Tara got married and I accompanied my mum as her date. This rekindled my relationship with my cousins and we have kept in touch ever since. Whew! Backstory completed, we went to see them this weekend.

Pearl River, NY where everyone lives is a very cute town with a massive Irish population. I have heard fewer Irish accents in Dublin, I kid you not. This means that the Sunday after St. Patrick's day a HUGE St. Pat's celebration, large parade included, is held. People come from all over to attend the celebrations and everyone wears green. Many people take the Monday off of work in order to celebrate properly. In fact, local schools have actually been closed the Monday after! Tara and her husband Mike hold a large party after the parade and it seemed like hundreds of their family and friends were in and out of their house over the course of the evening. Tara put on a huge spread of food inside and Mike manned a grill that could barbeque a whole cow outside. What a fantastic party!! I really really missed your Gram that day as I know that she would have been holding court on a stool in the kitchen with a glass ... ahem, bottle ... of wine while people sat enthralled with her stories and laughter.

Next year you will attend the party in person wearing the St. Patrick's sleeper that Tara found for you. Festivities went late into the night (not for your mom who was in bed at 12) which caused your dad and Mike to spend the next day on opposite ends of the couch, snuggled in blankets, watching Sportsnet. It was cute actually, save for their green, pasty faces and the scent of stale beer emanating from them.

While your dad and Mike recovered, Tara and I went to a few stores. I bought you a ton of clothes at the local Carter's store (50% off AND Tara had a coupon - woo hoo!) including the aforementioned St. Pattys sleeper AND a Valentine's day shirt. As you can tell, I love themed clothing, in fact Tara is going to get me an Easter sleeper for you. I fully intend of taking advantage of the fact that you are a baby and won't notice the silly outfits ... or bathtub photos. I look forward to pulling these photos out to show your date before you head to Prom. Yes, I will be THAT mom. Yes, you MAY end up in therapy but regardless, I can't friggin' wait.

The visit was fantastic and though we had a delay at the Newark airport which frustrated your dad, everything went well with our return on Tuesday. We picked up Tucker and Skye at their respective babysitters (Ant/Joe and your Pa) and though they couldn't have been treated better, they were sulky for a day after our return.

This brings us to yesterday, March 25th - a day that your dad and I will NEVER forget!! Your 20 week ultrasound! I went to work for half a day but was sick with nerves the entire time and wasn't as effective as I probably could have been. I was excited to see you but still nervous that something would show in the scan that would be cause for concern. As it turns out, my worries went unfounded as everything went absolutely perfect!

I picked up your dad shortly after 1 and headed to the Met hospital in Windsor. Your dad parked while I registered and once he was sorted, he proceeded to get lost in the bowels of the hospital. I was in the waiting area reading a book when your dad appeared through a door he should never have come from ... in scrubs and holding a scalpel ... to be honest, I'm still not sure what happened and will let him explain. Regardless, he found me and we waited for the word.

I got called in but your dad had to sit in the waiting room until you were all measured. The tech proceeded to measure basically every inch of you and told me what was happening each time which was better and less worrisome than laying there in silence. The tech would say 'I'm measuring the circumference of the head ... now the cerebellum ... now I am looking at the heart ...' and I would follow along as much as I could with my peripheral vision. Occasionally she would get stuck on a particular organ for what would seem like a long time and I would be getting more nervous, but as it turned out - you were just flipping around and shaking your bon bon like your mom does to bad dance music - so much so that she could barely get a good shot to measure whatever it was that she was looking at. The tech also had a hard time getting your dad and I a decent picture because you refused to stay still! I think that we are in for a very interesting time with you if you are this active in the womb!

Although the tech knew, via me, that we wanted to find out your sex she waited until your dad got called in to share the news. The tech (I feel so bad for not getting her name!) then proceeded to show us what was probably a very important graph about where you are in your development (in a nutshell, PERFECT!) when I blurted out 'IT'S A BOY, RIGHT!?!' and she said that yes, indeed - you are a boy.

Well, our dearest sweetest Sean, your dad and I welled up with pride and tears at the image of our bouncing baby boy (literally) on screen. The tech showed your dad everything she had gone through; the umbilical cord, spine, your kidneys, heart, head, hands, feet and your penis. Yes, I am causing you further future embarassment by mentioning your penis in this letter. But there it was. Multiple times. You were showing off for the camera. Everytime the tech would scan down to show your dad a foot or tibia *boom* you flashed your penis. So much so that in the 9 pics that the tech gave us of you - 2, are of your man parts. Ah well, I will support whatever career choice that you make and, in fact, I hear that the Chippendales make good money.

You are looking fantastic and are exactly where you need to be in your development. You have taken our advice to grow strong to heart and we are so grateful. I am also feeling you move regularly now and I know that I am walking around with a very goofy smile on my face every day because I am thinking of you.

As soon as we left the hospital we called your Granny followed by a flurry of calls to the rest of the family and our friends. Everyone is so excited, not because you are a boy but because you are looking perfect and healthy. I know that your Gram in heaven (who, by the way, told me in a dream in December that you were a boy - hence why I was so confident in my knowledge of your sex) is smiling down on us and taking care of you.

Well babe, I have to be getting to work. There is always more to say but I still have a bit of time to say it so we will resume this conversation later.

Take care in there my boy,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Irish day, Irish name. No matter what, you're still a Dane.

Welly welly welly well, my wee bundle of loveness. It's your dear old dad here. Checking in, as I do. Today is St. Patrick's Day! Yes! That great celebration of all things Irish! Like your name! Ahhh...our little Bridget or Sean. So Irish! Like your parents! Well...not really...'re not Irish. Neither are your parents. I mean its there, the Irish in you. Pretty sure everyone here is Irish in some way or another. We all eat potatoes. We all listen to U2. We've all had a green beer at one place or another. But according to the calendar this is the day we're all Irish. So be it. Cheers!
Yes, your name is an Irish name. Sean? That's hardcore Irish. Bridget? Yep, that one, too. But you're not Irish? No. Your parents are mixed with Scottish and Greek, and Danish and Geek, some Spanish for the trip and some Irish on the lip....ahhhh....well, you're part Irish then. Kiss you, you're Irish. For today.

Love Already,

The hamburger or hotdog countdown begins!

Hi there munchkin,

It must seem like we've been neglecting writing to you, but the truth is we haven't really done much that is blogworthy of late. I suppose I could write about my disappointment at not being able to find blueberries for less than $3.99 a quart or the raging internal battle I had the other day as to whether or not breakfast would be Weetabix or honeynut Cheerios (in the end, I put both in the bowl thus sparking my entreprenurial idea of Honeynut Weetabix *patent pending*) ... but I know that such thoughts are not really interesting to most people. Okay, all people. In fact I bet that you're basically asleep right now.

Two weekends ago we had your Aunt Liz, Duane and my crazy friend Joey from Toronto down for a visit. A great time was had by all. Your Aunt Liz, Joey and I went to a bar in a neighbouring small town and I remembered how nice it was to leave the house on a Saturday night. We got hammered and your Aunt Liz and I danced on the bar. KIDDING!! I'm not saying that I haven't 'indulged' in a few alcoholic beverages in my day or that I haven't found myself atop a bar at a biker tavern in downtown Vegas ... but that was pre-pregnancy and stories for another time. A much later time. Anyways, that particular Saturday night I was the demure DD (designated driver) and was able to drink Pepsi for free all night - woo hoo! Us Scots like anything for free. Your dad and Duane hit the local Legion for $8 pitchers of beer and by all accounts had a raucous time with the only two other people in there; the bartender and 'some old guy' (your dad's description).

This past weekend your dad and I headed up to your Granny and Poppa's in Ipperwash for a visit. Your Uncle Marc and Auntie Kelly were there and we also saw Uncle Jim, Aunt Jill and Joanie and their wonderful respective others; Leslie, Dan and Mark. It is lovely and peaceful in Ipperwash but the best part (besides the visiting of course!) is sleeping there. I'm not sure what your Granny uses on her sheets ... or what drug the pillows are laced with ... but the bed is always sooooo cozy and quite frankly, it sucks to leave it in the morning. Someday you will see exactly what I mean. Your Poppa Art has hit a bit of a rough patch in his health but he is fortunate to have people all over the world praying for him and sending healing thoughts. You will absolutely love him. Everyone does.

As usual you got molested from the outside as everyone marvelled at the change in my stomach. Granted, some of it may have been forced as I walked right up to people, grabbing their hand saying 'Feel how big my belly has gotten! No seriously, feel it!' and them obliging (sometimes awkwardly) but I am in such awe at the changes that I like everyone to experience it. I am also amazed at the changes in my bosom but thought better than to force them on anyone. I don't know how an Indecent Exposure citation would mesh with my work at the bank.

Your Granny gave us some fantastic sleepers and onesies for you! Some of them have a little indicator in the back that changes colour when you have a fever - how amazing is that?!? Your little closet is quickly filling up. Your Uncle Marc and Auntie Kelly also bought you Chicago Bears slippers - oh my God are they cute! You will definitely be wearing them as you leave the hospital. It is so amazing to think that later this summer you will be out of my tummy and into your little outfits. Crazy.

Prenatal classes continue to go well and we (your father rather) were spared another birthing video. There was a CSection video but they never really get upclose in those so your dad remained his normal colour. We DID however learn about ways they may try to get you out if you refuse to come or if you are having trouble, needless to say some of those are less than appealing. In my opinion, the words 'vacuum' and 'labour' should never, ever be used in the same sentence *shudder*. I know I'm asking for a lot here but if you could come out at a reasonable date (when you are fully cooked of course) I would be appreciative. In return, my grecian hips should be roomy enough to allow your entrance to be relatively comfortable. In fact, you could probably bring out the book you've been reading with ease. (Oh right, I forgot to tell you - we are 1/4 Greek, your Pa's (my dad) mum was 100% Greek and was brought to Scotland during the war by your Pa's dad - cool eh?).

Today is St. Patrick's Day! Your dad and I are listening to Irish music and reminiscing about the many St. Patty's days at the Roundtower bar where he used to play or at the Brass Door. You can probably hear the music from in there it is so loud :) You will find out how much fun St. Patrick's day is in 2029 when you are 19 and your Aunt Liz and I take you out. Oh, you thought that you would spend your first drinking St. Patty's day with your friends??? You are sorely mistaken my child, sorely mistaken. We will have a great time, I promise! Yes - seriously!!

Well my dear, for someone who thought she had nothing to write I certainly managed to ramble. We get to see you in 8 days and hopefully find out if you are a boy or a girl - hence the title of the blog (which your dad said was crass and obscene but I think is funny) - and we cannot wait.

Well our little pot o'gold, stay safe in there and I will talk to you soon.
Lots of love

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just as Nostradamus Predicted: The Great Belly Explosion of 2009!

Good evening little one!

I just wanted to check in on this the 17th week of your gestation. Things continue to go well in our household, your dad and I are working away and Skye and Tucker spend their days depositing fur and canine body impressions on our bed. You are doing an incredible amount of growing now! You are 5 inches and 5 ounces and your hearing is developing ... geeze, I'd better watch that I don't frighten you with my language ... or singing. You will find out, my dear child, that though the Stewart family has been blessed with many gifts - a nice singing voice is not one of them. Sadly, it is quite the opposite. Even more sad is that we love to sing. You will someday hear my sister, your aunt Carol, belting out many a song tunelessly in the car. Cats everywhere cover their ears with their paws. Unfortunately I'm no better. Your dad is much more musical and since we now know that you are listening, he will now sit close to my belly and play his guitar for you.

As you will recall, I had been quite chuffed with myself for not gaining weight between doctors visits. I had also been able to wear my own jeans, albeit tightly, up until last Tuesday. Since I hit the four month mark last Wednesday however, it seems that almost overnight my body underwent an incredible change. I officially 'popped'! This was unfortunately realized at approximately 4:30 this past Saturday as I rushed to get ready for a 2 3/4 hour ride to Tillsonburg for a party with our friends. My jeans didn't even come close to doing up - I tried using an elastic band to hold both sides together and all I managed to do was get my hand stung as the elastic snapped. 30 minutes later I had a pile of pants and skirts beside me and I stood in a bra and tights fighting back tears of frustration while your dad yelled for me to hurry up and 'what the heck was taking me so long?' I considered going in my cleanest jammies and expressing surprise when I got there that 'oops - why did I think it was a pajama party?' but eventually found a skirt and top that I could wear comfortably.

Everyone who I shared my Saturday night story with has said 'of course you have a belly, you're pregnant!' which I obviously know, but it seemed to occur within days, moments even. I was under no illusions that I would remain the same weight nor did I daydream of people being shocked in July that I was so-far along because I looked fantastic and 'barely-pregnant.' Okay, I lied. I have daydreamed about it. I daydreamed that I would end up with this smallish bump at the very end with no weight having stuck to any other part of my body. Like Cindy Crawford who gained only 15lbs, 8 of which was baby (*I'll explain who that is/was when you are older*). I daydreamed in the same way I have our 649 winnings already alotted for when the big day occurs - hopeful but certainly not realistic. No, my sweet baby. From not fitting into pants before a party to being taken to work via flatbed truck, this overnight bump is just the start of a very crazy journey.

We had a great time at the party. Food was eaten, drinks were drank (non-alcoholic in my case of course :) and there was a ton of laughter. You probably got pretty shook up in there with the all of the belly laughs that were had, not to mention all of the hands that reached out to touch you. Don't be creeped out, you were rubbed out of love. As you get older we will tell you not to let strangers reach out and touch you, but trust us that while you are in the womb it is perfectly fine. Many very special people, to whom you are already very important were there. Nic and Rob, Laura and Duane, Keri-Lyn and Brian, Liz, Marion ... just some of the incredible people whom you will get to know and love from the very moment that you are born. I don't know how your dad and I got so lucky to have such phenomenal friends but we are so grateful. We also received our first baby gifts!! Nikki Gundry bought you your first stuffed animal - a very soft elephant. You will come to find that after my three-month stint in India, I am elephant-crazy, in fact I would love to decorate your room with all elephants but your dad feels that it would be 'too much' (though a Jeep comforter, lamp, wall decorations and rug would not ... ahem ...). Keri-Lyn and Brian gave us a frame for our first sonogram pictures. I have never seen this before and was incredibly touched by the gesture. 17 weeks in and you are already getting spoiled!

Oh, I forgot to mention that your dad and I started prenatal classes last week. It started off innocently enough; talk of nutrients, food, do's and don'ts ... and just as we were lulled into a sense of security *WHAM* on went a birthing video. Your dad, completely unprepared for this turn of events, was traumatized (as were many of the other fathers in the room). Needless to say that when you make your grand entrance into the world, the first person you will lay eyes on will be the doctor. Not your dad. Don't take offence, it's nothing you've done - it's just that if your dad turns green and sweaty while watching a birthing video that he can turn away from, I hesitate to put him in a situation where it is full-on. I would like my memories of your entrance into the world to be void of your dad receiving medical attention after collapsing onto the floor. It's just safer for all involved.

Well babe, 17 weeks down and only 23 to go! Though I am so anxious to meet you that I sometimes feel like time is dragging, it is actually zooming past us. In three weeks time we get to see you for an extended period and take home a picture! We can't wait. You are already the light of our lives and you haven't even seen your first sunrise yet.

Love you lots. Stay safe and grow strong.