Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Irish day, Irish name. No matter what, you're still a Dane.

Welly welly welly well, my wee bundle of loveness. It's your dear old dad here. Checking in, as I do. Today is St. Patrick's Day! Yes! That great celebration of all things Irish! Like your name! Ahhh...our little Bridget or Sean. So Irish! Like your parents! Well...not really...
Soooo....you're not Irish. Neither are your parents. I mean its there, the Irish in you. Pretty sure everyone here is Irish in some way or another. We all eat potatoes. We all listen to U2. We've all had a green beer at one place or another. But according to the calendar this is the day we're all Irish. So be it. Cheers!
Yes, your name is an Irish name. Sean? That's hardcore Irish. Bridget? Yep, that one, too. But you're not Irish? No. Your parents are mixed with Scottish and Greek, and Danish and Geek, some Spanish for the trip and some Irish on the lip....ahhhh....well, you're part Irish then. Kiss you, you're Irish. For today.

Love Already,

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  1. Good Mornnig my little one, Granny here . Want you to know, I think your Dad had forgotten that his Grandma came from Irish stock. You do have an ever so small amount of the Ole IRISH in you !!! Don't worry little one you have a mixed heritage but an awesone one. Soon when I leave you a message I will be able to call you by name.... can hardly wait to find out not that it will matter to me one little bit. All I want is for you to be healthy, I know you will be beautiful !!! You can't help but be with the parents you have waiting ever so patiently for you. Please do stay safe ,keep growing and make an August arrival.
    LOVE you lots alreadt Granny