Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The hamburger or hotdog countdown begins!

Hi there munchkin,

It must seem like we've been neglecting writing to you, but the truth is we haven't really done much that is blogworthy of late. I suppose I could write about my disappointment at not being able to find blueberries for less than $3.99 a quart or the raging internal battle I had the other day as to whether or not breakfast would be Weetabix or honeynut Cheerios (in the end, I put both in the bowl thus sparking my entreprenurial idea of Honeynut Weetabix *patent pending*) ... but I know that such thoughts are not really interesting to most people. Okay, all people. In fact I bet that you're basically asleep right now.

Two weekends ago we had your Aunt Liz, Duane and my crazy friend Joey from Toronto down for a visit. A great time was had by all. Your Aunt Liz, Joey and I went to a bar in a neighbouring small town and I remembered how nice it was to leave the house on a Saturday night. We got hammered and your Aunt Liz and I danced on the bar. KIDDING!! I'm not saying that I haven't 'indulged' in a few alcoholic beverages in my day or that I haven't found myself atop a bar at a biker tavern in downtown Vegas ... but that was pre-pregnancy and stories for another time. A much later time. Anyways, that particular Saturday night I was the demure DD (designated driver) and was able to drink Pepsi for free all night - woo hoo! Us Scots like anything for free. Your dad and Duane hit the local Legion for $8 pitchers of beer and by all accounts had a raucous time with the only two other people in there; the bartender and 'some old guy' (your dad's description).

This past weekend your dad and I headed up to your Granny and Poppa's in Ipperwash for a visit. Your Uncle Marc and Auntie Kelly were there and we also saw Uncle Jim, Aunt Jill and Joanie and their wonderful respective others; Leslie, Dan and Mark. It is lovely and peaceful in Ipperwash but the best part (besides the visiting of course!) is sleeping there. I'm not sure what your Granny uses on her sheets ... or what drug the pillows are laced with ... but the bed is always sooooo cozy and quite frankly, it sucks to leave it in the morning. Someday you will see exactly what I mean. Your Poppa Art has hit a bit of a rough patch in his health but he is fortunate to have people all over the world praying for him and sending healing thoughts. You will absolutely love him. Everyone does.

As usual you got molested from the outside as everyone marvelled at the change in my stomach. Granted, some of it may have been forced as I walked right up to people, grabbing their hand saying 'Feel how big my belly has gotten! No seriously, feel it!' and them obliging (sometimes awkwardly) but I am in such awe at the changes that I like everyone to experience it. I am also amazed at the changes in my bosom but thought better than to force them on anyone. I don't know how an Indecent Exposure citation would mesh with my work at the bank.

Your Granny gave us some fantastic sleepers and onesies for you! Some of them have a little indicator in the back that changes colour when you have a fever - how amazing is that?!? Your little closet is quickly filling up. Your Uncle Marc and Auntie Kelly also bought you Chicago Bears slippers - oh my God are they cute! You will definitely be wearing them as you leave the hospital. It is so amazing to think that later this summer you will be out of my tummy and into your little outfits. Crazy.

Prenatal classes continue to go well and we (your father rather) were spared another birthing video. There was a CSection video but they never really get upclose in those so your dad remained his normal colour. We DID however learn about ways they may try to get you out if you refuse to come or if you are having trouble, needless to say some of those are less than appealing. In my opinion, the words 'vacuum' and 'labour' should never, ever be used in the same sentence *shudder*. I know I'm asking for a lot here but if you could come out at a reasonable date (when you are fully cooked of course) I would be appreciative. In return, my grecian hips should be roomy enough to allow your entrance to be relatively comfortable. In fact, you could probably bring out the book you've been reading with ease. (Oh right, I forgot to tell you - we are 1/4 Greek, your Pa's (my dad) mum was 100% Greek and was brought to Scotland during the war by your Pa's dad - cool eh?).

Today is St. Patrick's Day! Your dad and I are listening to Irish music and reminiscing about the many St. Patty's days at the Roundtower bar where he used to play or at the Brass Door. You can probably hear the music from in there it is so loud :) You will find out how much fun St. Patrick's day is in 2029 when you are 19 and your Aunt Liz and I take you out. Oh, you thought that you would spend your first drinking St. Patty's day with your friends??? You are sorely mistaken my child, sorely mistaken. We will have a great time, I promise! Yes - seriously!!

Well my dear, for someone who thought she had nothing to write I certainly managed to ramble. We get to see you in 8 days and hopefully find out if you are a boy or a girl - hence the title of the blog (which your dad said was crass and obscene but I think is funny) - and we cannot wait.

Well our little pot o'gold, stay safe in there and I will talk to you soon.
Lots of love


  1. Good Morning my little one Granny here just checking in ... I really enjoyed the weekend visit from your Mom & Dad, Uncle Marc and Aunt Kelly and of course you were here to just not visilbe but very touchable. I think your Mom is so good with letting all of us rub her ever expanding belly with you inside. Your Mom looks beautiful and is glowing !!! You are so LOVED and haven't even made your August arrival.I am so excited to find out which name to call you but in the end as long as you are healthy thats the most important part. I have no doubt you will make a grand entrance to this new world and we will all try to make you feel "WELCOME". I can hardly wait to hold you ,kiss you and of course spoil you with LOVE. So your job at the moment is to keep growing, be safe and know I love you and will wait to see you in August.
    LOVE you Granny

  2. Awww....sweet bridget or sean...little do you know how many drunken friends your ma and pa have that may try to celebrate your first St.Patty's legally....nuff said.