Sunday, June 14, 2009

Good morning Sean!

I trust that you slept well though I did feel you kicking at around 4 last night/this morning as I headed for my second bathroom break. Yesterday we had a lot of activity and I am sure that you were as exhausted as I.

My cousin Mark Whitely is working in Michigan for a few weeks off and on during the summer and we were fortunate enough to have him come for a visit yesterday. He left at approximately 9 am, anticipating a 3.5 hour drive. I assumed that we would not see him until 2 or 3 given that he had never driven this route before, did NOT purchase a map and the Red Bull air races were on in Windsor thus effectively blocking the border (so I assumed). Well, at 12:30 on the nose I received a call from Mark who was a mere three blocks away. In my hand was a broom and dustpan, at my feet was a large ball of black-lab hair but more embarrassingly on my body was my pyjamas. I was wearing a pink tee shirt and Care Bear jammie bottoms. When you are over seven months pregnant it is very important that people see you at your best - face fully made up and stomach coralled into fashionable maternity pants (almost an oxymoron). I hadn't seen Mark in a year and I wanted to look fabulous for his arrival. Instead I basically saw him shudder in horror at first glance of his wild-haired, cartoon-jammie wearing, ginormous cousin. His first words were NOT 'well Cuz, you are radiant with the brilliant glow known only by a woman bringing forth life into this world,' instead they were (and I may be paraphrasing here) 'MY GOD YOU ARE HUGE!!' followed by 'I DIDN'T EXPECT YOU TO BE THIS BIG!' I burst out laughing ... on the outside. Kidding munchkin, as you know I have been very forthright in declaring how large I am/am becoming so these comments and the fact that your dad lovingly calls me 'Chunks,' don't bother me in the least. I love my belly and show it to anyone who asks (or even those who don't - ask your Uncle Anthony how many unwanted belly shots he has received as of late). I actually get offended when people don't immediately rush at my belly for a rub when they see me. Cold fish. These warm feelings may someday revert to anguish as I huff and puff on a treadmill for hours at a time trying to get this weight off, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

Anyways ... I eventually got ready and made myself as presentable as possible and your dad, Mark and I went to Leamington for lunch by the Marina and for a tour of your dad's greenhouse. We stopped off at your Gram's grave and Mark placed some lovely flowers which I know she would have enjoyed. Last night we had a bbq with your uncles Ant and Joe and had a quick visit with your aunt Carol while she zoomed off to work in between baseball games. Mark and Steve made plans to go out for a drink (a drink = 10, you will learn this measurement some day) while I daydreamed about my bed. I was shattered. Apparently as my tiredness increased so did my grumpiness (as pointed out by Mark) who declared that he 'had left one crabbit (Scottish for grumpy) woman at home and didn't need another.' So I dropped everyone off at the bar and headed home to tidy and crash. Your dad crawled into bed sometime around 2 smelling like and brewery and had 4 things to say (on a loop - he said each of them approximately 10 times) 1) that Mark Whitely was a great pool player 2) that Mark Whitley was a great dad 3) That they had the BEST chocolate cake at the Legion (approx. 4 pieces each) and 4) That some guy named Larry was a huge jerk. I'll have to find out the Larry story once your dad wakes up but one theme is clear - your dad has a man-crush on my cousin. I was happy that they seemed to have a good time together though I think that there will be some hurting boys in this house today.

Tomorrow your dad and I celebrate 7 years of marriage! I can't believe how fast time has flown and I guess the old adage is true 'time flies when you are having fun!' I pray that someday you will find someone who loves you as much and treats you as well as your dad does me. We've had some blissfully happy times where there was smooth sailing and some tragic and sad times that tested us but we've come through it all stronger and more in love than ever. And now we wait to welcome you and to complete our little family. I really hope that you are like your dad - funny, sensitive, sweet, laid-back, creative - he really balances me out (tendency toward the dramatic, emotional, pragmatic and bossy:). You may not be born into the richest or smartest family but you will be born into a loving family that likes to laugh. I think it evens out in the end.

Well munchkin, I am off to get a shower and get ready for Mass. Yes, you heard correctly - your mum is heading to Church! I will pray that you are safe and healthy and for your dad's soul which is up in the air at this point. (joking!)

Love you lots Sean,

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