Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Large and In Charge!

Hello munchkin!

This post has been a looooong time coming, so long in fact that your faithful followers will feel like they've read War and Peace by the end. They will emerge from their offices bleary-eyed smelling like coffee and sweat, cursing me for having taken so long to catch them up on your (our) happenings. I, myself, have never read War and Peace but rumour has it that it is long. Apparently it has many far-reaching themes such as "the place of the individual in history; youth vs age and death; and the pros and cons of acting in conventional ways." Snooze. What it doesn't cover (unlike our little blog here) is the many pros of gigantic underwear during pregnancy, appropriate locations to take a nap (kitchen at work - no, every car ride no matter how short - yes), heartburn (more on that later) and what it is like to lose sight of ones feet. You tell me which sounds more interesting! Oh, War and Peace you say?!? Well then *huff*.

We had the opportunity to see you two weeks ago during an ultrasound and you were looking fantastic! Apparently you are already head-down in anticipation of your future journey into this world. We got a couple of fuzzy pictures of your face because in the words of the tech 'you weren't cooperating' and thus we couldn't get that perfect profile picture that it seems everyone else has of their baby. Ah well, perhaps you didn't look your best and did not feel like having a picture taken. I can relate. Anyone who has ever taken a picture of me knows better than to take a 'candid.' I need time to fluff my hair and pucker my lips in order to look my best for the shot. From what I can see, though, I think that you will look like your dad (who actually looked Asian when he was born ... ) but we are so excited to find out for sure. I asked the technician how much you weighed and she estimated a whopping 3.3 lbs! AT 29 WEEKS! At this rate you are on your way to being a large baby. I had previously thought that since your dad and I aren't especially large people (me at 5ft1 and your dad at 5ft9) we would have a small dainty doll-like baby. I am now rethinking this and am assuming that you will be a roly poly brute. I had forgotten that your dad was 8lbs9 when he was born. As long as you are healthy and arrive safely I don't care how big you are (P crosses and uncrosses legs at the thought).

This past weekend, your Aunts Liz and Laura threw a baby shower for me (you!) and we had 25 wonderful women celebrating your impending arrival. Your Aunt Carol brought the yummy (albeit a tad creepy) cake and worked her backside off to ensure that the shower ran smoothly. To these three women I am forever indebted. There was so much love in the air it was palpable. The weather was absolutely roasting, the food made by the generous hostesses was AMAZING and there was a ton of laughter. Well munchkin, you got absolutely SPOILED!! You received clothing, bath stuff, receiving blankets, a homeade quilt and fleece blanket, clothing with your name on it (I cry everytime I look at it ... this is the truth), stuffies, books, a bassinet, a playpen, toys .... I can't even mention everything that was received. You are one loved little person. Your dad was especially excited at all of the Jeep branded clothing and gifts that you received (he is Jeep-crazy and so are you by default :) - everyone really went out of their way to celebrate YOU! I got really emotional in thanking everyone (and still am in thinking about it) because I am so grateful and feel so blessed to have so many wonderful women in my life. As you can imagine, I really missed your Gram that day but I could almost see her, perched on a chair with a large glass of never-ending wine, enjoying the wonderful day.

In terms of other happenings ... there is not a lot to tell. I have recently had my first bouts of heartburn. I actually had no idea what I was feeling and instead took it for hunger pangs until I spoke with another woman who had heartburn and thought the same thing. Two tums later, I'm as good as new! I feel kind of silly mistaking heartburn for hunger because heartburn is exactly as it sounds ... a burning sensation near your heart. But as your dad always says to me 'it's a good thing that you're cute.' Because basically I'm a moron. A functioning moron, but one nonetheless. I now have Tums in my purse at all times which is making me feel like a 80 year old woman but I digress. I've also developed a large vericose vein on my left knee and my stomach is getting larger and larger, as is my face. I am sure that this has nothing to do with the three tubs of ice cream in the freezer (of different flavours) - at all. This will not go down as the most attractive period in my life but at least, overall, I feel fantastic and I have purchased some really cute outfits to drape over my rotund frame. I haven't had to move into the mumuu stage. Yet.

I am 31 weeks today munchkin!! We are now in the single-digit countdown for your arrival. I get a bit panicked when I think of everything we have yet left to do, but I also know that it will get done and we have a lot of support to get there. Your Uncle Joe is going to paint the room and your Pa is going to put on the wainscott or something similar, as well as purchase the crib for you (thanks Pa!).

Well babe, I am going to sign off for now. The post did not turn out as long as I had anticipated but I am exhausted so I need to eat and lay down (and not necessarily in that order). I plan to check in more often now that the computer is up and running.

Take care of yourself and keep on kicking - it's comforting and I like that other people can now feel it too.

Love you Sean,

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