Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The avocado has a heartbeat? What?!?

Hi babe!

There's a lot to tell you from the past few days! Where to begin ...

Well, your uncles Anthony and Joe picked up their new bundle of joy - a gorgeous Toller puppy named Ajay (eh-jay). She is just stunning but right now you have to be aware of her razor sharp baby teeth, a few times she's latched onto skin and it feels much like I would assume the prey of a piranha would feel. Rest assured, this phase will be over by the time you meet her. Your uncle Anthony is hellbent on doing something called 'clicker training' though I am betting $5 that soon those clicker books will be used as coasters or will be seen on a 5 cent table at a jumble sale somewhere and this gorgeous puppy will have them wrapped around her paw and be absolutely wild. Time will tell I guess :) Tucker and Skye are a bit put out by the new addition but I know that as time goes on they will be bestest friends.

We were supposed to go to your Granny's birthday party on Saturday night - in fact, we were bringing the cake - but the neverending winter lashed out with a snowy storm once again and we had to stay home. The roads were too icy and therefore it was too risky to make the journey. Therefore we were left with a cake that fed 25 people. Needless to say, nary 5 minutes had passed from letting your Granny know that we wouldn't make it than a piece of cake was in my belly. It was delicious. Truth be told, I've had two very generous pieces every day since Saturday (the first on Sunday at 7 am ...). Your dad has indicated that it is time to let go and reluctantly I am agreeing. It's getting a bit hard and funky-tasting.

You will be surprised (as was I) that all of this sweet-eating has resulted in zero weight gain between doctor's visits. No, the visits weren't hours apart, cheeky. I gained 0 lbs in four weeks - woo hoo! When the little old nurse said 'you are the exact same weight' I could have kissed her. Now the fact that she smelled like she had just finished 'a liquid lunch' if you know what I mean and was therefore as tilt-y as the scale is neither here nor there. The fact is that she wrote down that I did not gain a pound. It is in my medical records. I am a pregnant marvel of science. So there. Now the shock and horror that I will likely see on her face next visit as she jots down the double digit surplus is something that I don't look forward to.

The doctor's visit went FANTASTIC! Basically, the point was to take my blood pressure (122/69 - awesome!), weigh me (0lb weight gain - awesome!) and HEAR YOUR HEARTBEAT! (very awesome!!!!!) The doctor put some ultrasound jelly on my tummy and put the fetal doppler on and began moving it around to find out where you were. At first all we heard was the swooshing of my stomach. Truth be told, I have never really thought about what my stomach would sound like day to day on the inside ... but now I know. Kind of like the ocean, actually. Anyways, it was only mere seconds before he found the perfect spot! As soon as I discerned the heartbeat (sounds like galloping horses) I looked at the doctor, my eyes filling up with tears. Your dad moved closer and his face lit up. What an amazing experience. Your heartrate was 162 beats per minute - perfectly healthy and strong. I smiled like a fool for hours and I kept making your dad recreate the sound with his mouth.

Now, the old wives tale would say that you are a girl as your heartrate is above 140. This gave your dad ammunition as he thinks that you are a girl though I pulled up articles to indicate how often this has been disproven. He still didn't believe me. But we will know for sure in three or so weeks, provided that you co-operate. So if you could be good and spread your legs when the camera is on ... we would be grateful. For the record, this is the only time in your life that you will hear that phrase.

Well babe, I am going to say bon soir and join your dad in the living room. He has a cold and is being pretty dramatic about the whole thing. Geeze, I'm growing life here! Hello?!? Have a great week. I am four months tommorrow - eek! You are approximately the size of an avocado now (that image is cracking me up) and will DOUBLE in size over the next three weeks! WOW!

Take care and stay as snug as a bug in a rug.




  1. I can just imagine the look on your mom and dad's faces when they heard the heartbeat. It is an amazing experience for parents.. For the record, I am going against your father and I believe you are going to be a boy. Whether you are Bridget or Sean it will not matter.. you will be loved just the same. Looking forward to seeing you in about 20 weeks or so.


  2. Good Morning my little one ... I am so happy your parents got to hear your hearbeat ... I can only guess how amazing that would be.In our day we didn't get to hear anything or see our new baby until the moment they were born so I'm very happy and excited for your Mom & Dad ...

    I was very sad that ole man winter stopped them from coming for my Birthday but I'm so glad they decided not to try and drive here.

    I've not sent you a message lately but think of you every day. I will try very hard to be the best Granny and actually I am a little nervous that I may not measure up .... only time will tell I guess. Myself, until your Mom & Dad tell us if you are a Sean or a Bridget it really doesn't matter to me .. all I want is you healthy and your Mom feeling awesome ,I know your Dad will be popping his buttons no matter if you are a boy or a girl. Take care in there be safe ,be healthy and keep growing. See you in the hot Summer and hopefully by then winter will be just a memory
    LOVE your Bestest Granny xxxooo