Friday, February 13, 2009

Osmosis, anniversaries, and Big Love

Hello there my little one, dad checking in! We haven't forgotten about you (good lord, you're pretty much all we talk about!) but I didn't want to inundate our friendly loving uber faithful followers - f.l.u.f.f. - of your story with tooooo much all at once. That's the key, my little bundle of loveness - always leave them wanting more...and, in retrospect, use less punctuation and such in run-on sentences. Ooops, I did it again. Hey, that'll be a classic when you're older.
Soooo....your mum is feeling better. Not that she was feeling bad, but she's been able to stay up past 9:00 now on most nights. Funny though, your dear old dad used to be a nighthawk, able to stay up late then get up early and leap small buildings in a single bound. Lately though, I've been feeling really tired. I fall asleep with your beautiful mum at 9:00. And I think I'm putting on some weight. Your mum has been cooking up these great dinners every night, and she's got me eating healthy lunches (I still love you Tacos Tony mexican food...the carne asada is beauty...I'll be back). Perhaps the pregnancy is affecting your dad as well. Maybe the love inside that belly is permeating outwards and I'm going thru what your mum is going thr.......ummmm...then again, maybe not.
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Its this big commercial event where everyone spends money on cards and flowers and chocolates just to tell the one they love that they love them. Whatever, your parents do that everyday. We don't need a calendar to tell us when. But, Valentine's Day is also an anniversary for your parents. Yep, it was 9 years ago tomorrow that we sat on the futon in my old studio apartment in downtown London on our 3rd date (maybe 4th), and your dad played his guitar and sang a Valentine's song that he wrote for your mum. Little did we know that 9 years later we'd be so much in love and anxiously awaiting the arrival of you, our child. I guess maybe this Valentine thing works in mysterious ways. One day you'll have your own Valentine. Lets hope you're as lucky as your parents were.
Big Love to you my little miracle. Keep on keepin' on in there. I get to see you again very soon, and I can't wait.

Love already,

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