Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Once upon a time there was an innocent cheesecake sitting in the freezer of the Superstore ...

Hi there little one,
Quite a lot has happened since I last checked in. You are apparently growing like a weed and this week got your larynx and tooth sockets in place. Good for you! You've accomplished a lot, whereas your mom feels like she is going backwards most days. Sometimes I think that I can feel you, like a little flutter in the lower left hand side of my tummy. Really, it is probably gas - but I kinda think that it is you. I am so excited for the day when I know for a fact that it is you - if you could be so kind as to not use my ribs for kicking practice, I'd be grateful - but I can't wait.

Your big fur-brother Tucker and fur-sister Skye, had a playdate on Sunday with another lab and a golden retriever. Everyone had a riot, balls were chased and sticks were eaten - and the dogs managed to have some fun too. After everyone left, Tucker became very ill and vomited through the night. I was terrified, much like I will be with you. I'm not comparing babies and dogs but I think that having the pooches has been good practice. It is difficult to understand what is happening with that which cannot communicate verbally. It's scary and heartbreaking to feel so helpless. The big guy was miserable. I also learned a valuable lesson in reheating two day old Chicken Alfredo and paid for it myself. Needless to say, it was quite the Sunday night/Monday at the Stewart-Thorup household.

I left work early on Monday and laid around until it was time to take Tucker to the vet. Tuck got checked out by the nice doctor (who your dad claims is a she-male - not that there is anything wrong with that - but she could very well be the white RuPaul) and she decided that the big guy should be kept overnight for xrays and observation. The look on Tuck's face as he was taken away broke my heart. I then went to the Superstore to get some dinner which, in hindsight, wasn't the best course of action. To anyone who noticed the girl with tears rolling down her face as she stared blankly at the butter section - she was not, in fact, upset the the price of salted butter has increased. Though, now that I think about it - I am kind of pissed. To non-dog owners/lovers this sounds ridiculous but for those of us who dress up our dogs for holidays, pay more for dog food than 10 steak dinners would cost and recount countless stories of the antics of our animals at dinner parties - this is completely normal and acceptable behaviour. Anyways, I consoled myself by buying some cute sleepers for you (and a cheescake for me). The sleepers are blue because I am 100% positive you are a boy, if you are not then you will be a girl wearing blue sleepers. I don't subscribe to boys in blue, girls in pink - though if you are a boy I will choose to let you decide when you are older if you want to wear pink, or 'salmon' as it is known in metrosexual circles.

Of course, the big guy came through everything just fine though he was violated with a thermometer and deprived of food. He is now resting comfortably on his pillow.

This week I began to tell more friends about your impending arrival and tonight I told the full branch. I have received nothing but excited and happy wishes and lots of hugs. I have wanted to shout it from the rooftops but there is that little voice inside telling me to keep it to myself so not to jinx it. It's silly, I know. I just want everything to go well so badly that I am more superstitious than I would otherwise be. But I had to tell the staff. I'm getting to that stage of 'is it possible that she is pregnant or is she just really letting herself go?' My face is getting rounder and my ponch has taken on a life of its own. I'm still stuffing it into the same three pairs of pants but this situation is going to come to a head real soon and it is just a matter of time before buttons begin popping, causing a hazard to anyone approaching me. I would never forgive myself if someone I know lost an eye because my ponch needed to be set free. I really need to go shopping.

I am getting more energy (as we speak it is 10 pm and I am not in bed! Woo hoo!) and feeling fantastic. We are still getting snow (blech!) and it is bloody freezing outside - I can pretty much guarantee that you will likely be more of a water-skiier than snowboarder. Your dad and I just don't enjoy winter. Your aunt Liz calls us lizards because we love to be in the roasting sun.

Anyways babe, that is it for tonight. Good luck with your development over the next few days - apparently your bones will be ossifying and you will be creating bile and insulin ... sounds exhausting, so make sure you take care of yourself in there!

Love you lots,


  1. Good Mornnig my little one ...granny checking in on you. I want you to know that the reason I say I'm your bestest Granny is because your other Granny is in Heaven looking after all of us and we miss her very much so I have to be the bestest so I can try to fill in for her which will be a big job .... You would have loved her very much.. she had the most amazing smile and her laugh would make you laugh right along with her. You did however have to really listen when she was talking since her scottish accent would get heavier as she and I drank wine together. we all loved har and it was a huge loss to us and many ,many others when she left us wat to early in life. I like to think that God had a big job for her in Heaven and he needed her more than we did but that is a personal thought, not the same for everyone but you will make those decisions for yourself as you grow up. So when I say I'm your Bestest Granny its because I have your other Granny in my heart to share with you.

    So how's it going in there sunshine !!!! Hope you are getting bigger and stronger each day.I told your Mom & Dad that we will be arriving the day before you are to enter this world and plan on staying for 2 weeks to help out. They didn't say no .... guess we will be there with bells on and can hardly wait. I hope you get to spend a lot of time here at the cottage with us as you grow up. It is so nice here and you will LOVE the beach and playing in the water ,digging in the sand and sitting around a campfire at night with everyone plating music and the rest of us ( some terrible ) singing along. We will laugh and play with you but moslty just LOVE and cherish you my little one. Take care in there, grow strong ,be safe and see you in the late Summer.
    LOVe ,kisses and "HUGS"your Bestest Granny

  2. Just an after thought there little one Granny is not the best at typing and I hit the wrong keys a LOT so I do hope when Mommy puts this in a book she can maybe fix my booboo's with a pen..... will catch up with you later .... LOVE ,kisses and hugs, your Bestest Granny