Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bellies and Jammies and Jackpots Oh My!

Today was a really great day. Actually, it didn't start off that great. I began very early this morning, stuffing my increasingly protruding stomach into one of the three pairs of pants that still fit. If the fashion houses in Paris decided that 'winter chic' included flannel jammies at work, I would cry tears of pure, unadulterated joy. I'm not even averse to wearing them with pumps or cinching them with a funky belt. Gaultier, please give me a call to discuss this sometime. I then put on a shirt that was comfortably loose at Christmas but now resembles a cloth shopping bag bursting at the seams as it tries to contain two huge watermelons. Truth be told, I am concerned about my bulging baby bosoms. I'm not even three months in and the situation is getting drastic. I worry that we will have to remortgage the house - not for your future education - but for the amount of bras I will have to purchase over the course of the next 6 months. Not being a textile expert, I am completely unsure if they make fabric strong enough for the amount of support that I will need. But they must, I often see shows on A&E of very very large people being airlifted out of their bedroom where they have been confined for years. I will take 10 yards of that fabric, please. I think that by the end, my boobs will be able to be viewed from space. Perhaps I will be a medical marvel and be featured on a variety of different shows (not websites as your father would prefer ...). You think I kid, but wait until the pregnancy pictures get pulled out at your birthday or graduation parties.

Okay, I've embarrassed you enough with talk of my changing body. I wish I could promise that this will be the last of it, but it won't. It most certainly won't.

After maneuvering myself into my clothing, I got into the jeep went through the Tim Hortons drive thru for coffee and proceeded to spill it all over myself for the next five minutes as I decreased the volume. Seriously Tim Hortons - I appreciate that you try and give us value for our money but give us a wee bit of space at the top please! (As an aside, not only do I hope you get your fathers eyes, common sense and metabolism but that you get his grace too ... I've spent more of my life covered in bruises, food and liquids than I would care to admit). Anyhoo, I drove to London without incident.

The day perked up as it went on. My course was actually a lot more interesting than I had anticipated and I met your Aunt Liz for lunch. We walked into Crabby Joes to find your Granny and Auntie Joanie waiting to surprise us! It was so nice to visit with them. Your Granny glows when we talk about you and I know you must have felt the love radiating off of the table, straight onto you. Since I don't have my own mum any longer (a sad story for another day) I am lucky to have such loving women in my life. I will need them desperately when I am up with you at all hours trying to understand what your crying means, what colour is normal for your poop and how to get you on a decent schedule. Lord knows it's taken me eight years to figure out all the above with your dad ... :)

Everyone took turns rubbing my ponch and in hindsight, this must have looked hysterical at the restaurant. I notice my ponch but I am not 'showing' per se, so the other diners must have wondered why three women were rubbing a chubby girl. Is the chubby girl good luck? Will these women now win the $43 million dollar lotto 649 jackpot? If they do, chubby girls everywhere beware! You're about to get a LOT more attention.

I meant to drop by and visit your uncle Marc but I didn't get in the right lane fast enough so I waved as I drove past.

All in all, a great day!!

Have a good night babe and I will speak to you tommorrow.


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  1. Good Mornnig little one ... it's Granny wanting to let you know I was there for a "Surprise" lunch with Mommy yesterday. You are doing well and Aunt Joanie ,Liz & I got to touch you ,well sotra touch you. We did send you lots of LOVE and I told you to be good, grow strong and stay safe. I can hardly wait to hold you !! You are so LOVED !!