Friday, January 23, 2009

Rumour has it that there is a 9 pm!

Tonight is my late night at work and therefore I won't get in until 8:30pm. Since I generally start yawning my head off at 4 o'clock-ish, it makes for a looooong evening. Hopefully, when your dad and I win the 649 tommorrow night, this work business will no longer be concern.

I've been very fortunate to have few symptoms with you - just a little queasiness most mornings (like a mild hangover ... or so I've been told by friends of questionable influence ... :) and severe exhaustion. I generally get home from work, put on my jammies, eat and then fall asleep on the couch at 8. I am a one woman party right now I tell ya! I remarked to your dad last night that we are almost a third of the way there and I've basically slept my way through! Apparently, the second trimester brings with it more energy and radiance. Good thing too, I am tired and pasty right now and am using excessive amounts of blush. Nothing says beauty like two bright pink circles on a pure white face, am I right?!?

I completely understand the exhaustion though - you are growing at an amazing speed! I used to think that phrase 'the miracle of life' was so cliche but am now reformed - what a miracle!!! From an egg and a sperm you are actually now fully formed - at 11 weeks! Granted you are teeny, but fully formed nonetheless. I'm in awe everytime I think of it. Your task now is to just grow larger and stronger so please concentrate on the task at hand and don't goof around. Yes, you've been admonished for the first time. Oh don't cry, I'm sorry. Dammit, I guess your dad will have to be the disciplinarian.

Anyways babe, thinking of you always. Let me know if you are in the mood for anything - I'm feeling a strong pull towards chocolate milk, so I'll definitely make that happen.


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  1. good mornnig little one... you have the best parents waiting for you.... also aunts ,uncles , cousins and of course me your Granny. Mommy will be stronger in the coming days and hope you don't cause her to much discomfort.... maybe the slightest little kicks and flips. Mommy will be such a wimp... you have her wrapped already and of course me to. hugs, kisses and prayers from me

    LOVE your bestest Granny