Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hey there munchkin, your dad is here...

Sooooo, hi. I'm your dad. Yep, I'm the guy that called up the Captain of the Storks and had you dropped off inside your mum's belly. It was a long distance call but we have a plan, so it was a free call. Well, not technically free since we pay a fixed monthly bill that includes calls outside of...okay...your mum was right - thank God I sweat the small details. Either way, I'm your dad and that's what's important.
Wow, I'm your dad. I'm your dad! At present you're about the size of a thumb and I'm your dad, your mum's your mum, and you already have a name. You haven't even seen the light of day yet (you'll appreciate the sun, trust me, more on that later...) and you have a name. Actually two names since the middle name is there, too. I'm telling you kiddo, you are one loved little miracle of life. And you have parents that plan. We couldn't wait til you squeezed out of...I mean...until the stork officially drops you off, to make you a person. A human being. Named. Our little baby. No, we couldn't wait. And we can't. Your parents are like that. You see, my little thumb-sized-already-named-child, you were meant to be. You are being brought into this crazy world by two people who already love you as much as they love each other. Which, by the way, is a lot.
And so with this hi-tech bloggy thing your beautiful mum started up, we'll be checking in every now and then to let you know how you're doing on your journey to stardom. I'll be getting your first bedroom ready in the coming months (you'll love it, although you won't remember it), and we'll continue to add to this novel which one day we'll present to you as a gift of our love. You know, so you'll know how it all started.
So my little Bridget/Sean, sleep tight tonight. I'll be thinking about you.

Love already,


  1. I am so excited for you guys. I think this blog is a great idea. I know how exciting it must be for you guys as you go through this life changing experience. I look forward to reading your blog in the coming months and I am very excited to meet Bridget/Sean. I am excited to watch them grow up, tell them the 30 years of stories I have on their Dad. All the best in the coming months and keep up the good work on the blog..


  2. Hi there my little bundle of joy to be held, spoiled and LOVED by your Grany. I know how much I LOVE your Dad & Mom and you will be so LOVED by everyone. We await your arrival with limited patience. You see 9 months is such a long time but I hope it will pass quickly at least I'm praying it will. I will be the best Granny you could hope for. I intend to spend a lot of time with you .... your Dad & Mom may get tired of seeing our faces but they wil get used to it ... I wil be there to watch you become the best little grandchild the world will know at least in my world !!! Sleep tight ,be safe and be strong. Stay put till Summer ... I will have a lot os stories to tell you as you grow up.
    LOVE your bestest Granny