Monday, January 26, 2009

Big Jeep, small spot, big head, small wonder

Hi my precious little bundle of joy. Its your dad here. Yeah, your dad. Thought I'd let you know how today went since it was a pretty important day. Big day for your parents, and a big day for you. Got my 1st look at you!
So today started out as normal. Your dear old dad hopped into his small but agile Jeep (which one day will be yours if you behave), and headed off to work at 6:15 am. I was running about 3 minutes later than normal but the line up at Timmy's was non-existent so I made up time there. Your dad has a little OCD, and likes routine. You'll either appreciate it, or be annoyed by it like your mum.
Your beautiful mother picked me up at work at 11:47 (she was 17 minutes late, get used to it) and we took her Jeep to head to our very first OB-GYN appointment together to talk about you, see how you were doing, and maybe get to see you in your mum's belly. Long story short, we ended up at the wrong place then had to rush to the right place to meet the doctor and I dropped your mum off at the door then went to park your mum's big Jeep and meet her inside. After slowly crawling around the tiny, cramped and full parking lot for 15 minutes, and seriously debating whether or not to park on a snowbank (if it was your dad's Jeep I would have) I parked illegally (which you should never do, but the under the circumstances it was warranted - I didn't want to miss anything about you!) - and ran in to find your mum.
We waited for a few minutes for the doctor to come in, I moaned to your mum about my parking hassles and such, and then 'Dr. Vertigo' came in to see us. Well, Dr. Tomc (pronounced Tom-s), but he was feeling off and dizzy and his sight was wavy. He was a nice doctor, asked your mum a bunch a questions, remarked about how perfect she is, then....then....he said that the Doppler wouldn't be worth using to find your little tiny heartbeat so he went out and rolled in the Ultrasound machine!!!! Yippie! Doctor wavy eyes smeared some kinda blue jelly on your mum's tummy, put this gadgety thing there and was making a video of what was happening inside! Truth be told, it was more than I needed to see at first, but then he got to the part where YOU were! And there you were! Wow! You have a hhuuuuuugggggeeeeee noggin! You have this massive cranium sitting on top of this little itty bitty body-type thing and I think I saw hands and feet but then the doc pointed out your heartbeat and I was floored. Wow - I saw your little heart beating away. Quite fast, too. Your mum couldn't see anything because she was laying down, then she tried to sit up and see and the doc gave her poop because when she moved she ruined the video, so he tried to angle it so she could see, and then the batteries died on the machine and the movie was over. But wow, what a movie! Best one I've ever seen.
Anyhew, I'm sure you'll grow into that giant melon of yours over time. I can't wait to see you again, but we have to wait another month til the sequel comes out. You looked great my little Bridget/Sean. Keep that little heart beating for us. You're doing great, kiddo. Keep it up.

Love already,


  1. Good Mornnig my little one this is Granny here. You are one lucky child with awesome parents waiting to "WELCOME" you to our world and of course me your Granny. Your Dad is going to make a great "DAD". He is right about the routine and a tad OCD but you will learn to read him like a book and wrap him around your little pinky like you have your MUM and I already. I am so glad your Dad got a peek at you ,I wish I could have done that when I was pregnant with your Dad and Uncle Marc.Don't worry about the big head, you will grow into it and it will come with lots of hair, unlike your Dad.You will find as you grow up your Dad is quite the song writer,singer ( may be in ???) and entertainer. He is a good worker, great friend, awesome Son and wonderfull husband. He will make you a baby's room that will be so nice, hope they take lots of pictures so you can see it when you grow up as you won't remember. Well my little one you stay safe, grow healthy and wait for Summer. Hugs and kisses from your bestest Granny. LOVE YOU !!!

  2. Every time I read a new post I want to cry... It could be the hormones?? or it could be the fact that you two are such amazing people and that we get to share in a fraction of what you are going through right now and it is incredible. I would like you to know that we will try and produce a really cool friend for little Bridget/Sean and if we don't maybe your very cool baby will fend off any bullies that try and mess with our little one.
    I can't wait to meet your little miracle.
    Love you both (plus the peanut) so much.

  3. WOW what a fantastic idea doing this blog. It's a great way to keep everyone up to date on how thing are going as well a wonderful gift for little Bridget/Sean. (LOVE the names!!!) I think the best gift ever is having Steve and Pauline as your mom and dad. I don't think any one could hand pick two better people on this earth for you to call mom and dad. You are an extemely lucky little baby and as you can tell from this blog, very loved. We can't wait to meet you. Be good! Love Aunt Patty and Uncle Mike