Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's like an orange on a toothpick!

Hi Babe,
I know its been a few days since I last checked in. On Saturday we went to Laura and Duane's beautiful home in St. Thomas to have dinner. Other dinner guests included your aunt Liz, uncle Marc, aunt Patty and uncle Mike. Somehow I managed to stay up until 2 am (whilst your aunt Liz crashed at 11 ... in our bed ... fully clothed ... :) - granted I was in jammie pants by 8:30, but I was quite chuffed with myself for being relatively human on a Saturday night. At 7:30 the next morning, we were awoken with the eerie feeling that we were being watched. I opened my eyes to see little Trevor standing there looking at us. No worries, he didn't see anything embarassing ... unless you count my head to toe flannel look embarassing ... oh, you do? Well then ... Soon after Trevor was joined by his little sister Rachel and we all watched cartoons for a bit. Cartoons are a lot more complex than when I was young! There is now plot lines, intricate backgrounds, funny repartee ... very different from little blue men (and one girl) hiding from a sorcerer and his cat. That was the Smurfs in case you were wondering. And they were cool. They were! I swear.

Trevor (6) and Rachel (4) are THE GREATEST kids. They are cool, polite, funny and sweet. Your dad and I *may* drop you off chez Loebach for the first few years so that you turn out the same. I hope that this okay and doesn't mess you up. I don't necessarily want to be on Dr. Phil in 20 years. Those chairs look uncomfortable. I'm kidding of course, your dad and are just going to have Duane and Laura on speedial for situations that my erupt. And we have no qualms about speeding to St. Thomas so that they can watch you and mold you for a day or so :)

We had a great laugh at the Loebach's house. A lot of jokes surrounded how big I will become, how big my boobs will get, how we will have to reinforce the Jeep, who is willing to risk the shocks on their car to take me to the cottage ... you get the picture. Sadly, this is all true. I think your dad is afraid to sit still for fear that I will eat him. One of the best digs of the night was at your dad from Laura. They were talking about how babies will get bald patches on areas of their head that they lie on frequently, prompting Laura to say 'so did you sleep on your forehead a lot Steve?!?' LOL!!! What a great line.

On the way home we stopped at Home Run burger in Blenheim and took some burgers to go. This has caused my first food aversion. The burger was so big and greasy and heavy that I cannot think about a burger now without feeling nauseous. Your dad and I had hamburger helper the other night and I gave most of the meat to the dogs. Bye bye ground hamburger, maybe we will meet again under better circumstances.

On Monday, as per your dad's post, we went to the doctor in Windsor - he was so nice and easy to talk to. Since I have not been able to feel you moving and have not had any real sickness, I was almost doubting that I was pregnant. I half expected the doctor to come in and say 'Pauline, all we've found in your system are half-digested Christmas cookies and a McDonalds milkshake ... why the hell are you here?!?' Although I read all the pregnancy books and look at all the pregnancy websites, this experience has been so surreal. The best part was the 'impromptu' ultrasound, although I didn't get to see a darn thing. In all honesty, I didn't mind. I watched your dad's face light up at the sight of you and I could have cried. That was the best part for me. We will get to see you in about 6 weeks again, at which time the rest of your body *should* have grown, thus making your head appear smaller. Your dad's right, you have a huuuuuge noggin. We will love you no matter the size of your head ... granted we may tease you (a la 'So I Married an Axe Murderer') ... but we'll love you. *For those not understanding the witty 'So I Married and Axe Murderer' reference, or the title of the blog, rent the movie - it's got Mike Myers in it, it's so funny*

Last night your uncle Anthony (my brother) and uncle Joe came by for dinner. They are getting a whole new kitchen put in (someday you will find this as exciting as us) and have been subsisting on microwave dinners, so I whipped up a culinary delight worthy of a Michelin-starred restaurant. Okay, it was just pasta and it was kinda lame but at least they got fed. They are expecting their own bundle of joy in March! Another puppy to add to our brood. You will be surrounded by dogs ... I hope to God you're not allergic ... we may have our very own bubble-boy ...

Well babe, I must sign off for another day. I am going to venture out into the snow to take the pooches for some exercise (and get some myself ... I'm up seven pounds -eeek!).

Stay safe and keep growing.
Love you lots,


  1. Oh no, I can't believe you did not like Home Run Burger. I am betting Steve loved it for the same reason you now have an aversion to it. I apologize for the early morning visit from my children but they love Tucker and Skye so much (oh ya, you guys too) that they just had to go down and see them. Plus we also felt it necessary to have children wake you up early, after a late night out, so you could enjoy the pleasures of parenthood.


  2. Hi there little one, just Granny checking in. You have no idea how lucky you are going to be with the "BEST" parents in the world waiting for you to arrive. Your Mum is going to be so great at being a Mum the only thing you should know,she is already a wimp where you are concerned... her LOVE is showing all over and so the wimp part, where you have her wrapped around your finger will be very hard to miss, good Mum's are all wimps when it comes to the kids .. She is going to most likely have by Csection .... more on that when you grow up .. so we will know the exact date to expect you... since we are a long drive away it will be good for us.... your Mum & Dad better be ready for us to be there for the first few weeks of your life.... Mum will need help , which I can give and I will need to hold you, bath you , change you ,spoil you and do all of this while I have your Mum resting ... she will think it is for her to get rested up but it is really for me to have Granny time .... a WIN - WIN for everybody. Well enough of your time for now .. take care ,be safe ,grow srtong and we will see you in the Summer. LOVE your Bestest Granny

  3. Thank you for your kind will be amazing parents too. Look at Tucker - he is better behaved them most kids! You are ALWAYS welcome to come to our his little one and we are always only a phone call away. We are definitely NOT experts but we will help your Mom and Dad with anything they need! XO